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Discount Shipper’s shipping services offers real savings for your business, up to 50% off standard prices.

We offer discounts on all Overnight, Second Day, Third Day, Ground, International and USPS shipping. We use well known, major nationwide companies to provide you the best discounted shipping rates for your business. Each shipping program is tailored for you and your company’s shipping needs.

Shipping made easy!

  • Discount Shipper helps to lower shipping costs
  • Discount Shipper helps to lower the fuel surcharge
  • Discount Shipper helps track your package
  • Discount Shipper helps you order shipping supplies
  • Discount Shipper provides customized billing for your convenience
  • Discount Shipper is a leader in providing innovative web-based shipping solutions to customer's nationwide

Discount Shipper specializes in offering customers more choices!

Whatever your shipping needs are, Discount Shipper’s network of shipping partners will provide the best solution and get your package anywhere in the world in a timely and cost efficient manner through our network of carriers.

We want to be your shipping company! Contact us today for a free quote.

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